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The best in this case is if the representative is based in Moscow; letters from Moscow arrive considerably fast days nation wide.

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HIGH QUALITY PROFESSIONAL DATING PLUS TRAINING COURSES AVAILABLE with Alun, or Kathrine (The clever one - Phd.psychologist) We are an introduction agency for PROFESSIONALS, seeking a committed relationship.

Members range from nurses/ teachers to Queen's Counsel & international business people.

We are very successful for slimmer ladies* aged 24 to 49-ish* and men aged 28 to 59-ish.

* We are not proud of the service we are able to offer to clients outside of the above specification so although you are welcome to talk to us we are unlikely to recommend either our service or our success rate as good value for money. How easy would it be for us to take your money, arrange a few good dates for you but knowing you were unlikely to find a long term partner through us? AT OUR EXCLUSIVE INTRODUCTION AGENCY WE ALWAYS NEED GOOD MEN! because there are two unattached professional women, aged 35 to 50, for each unattached man in the U. 50% of professional ladies who are still single aged over 35 are unlikely to find a lifetime partner and probably 80% of ladies aged over 39.

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The Internet is shaping the way new generations date.

The more profiles the agency has, the more men join it.

40% of ALL females in the UK aged over 50 are single and it is probably even worse for professional ladies.

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