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Hinge provides an alternative to swipe culture by creating smart matches and natural conversations among people who are on the same page.That’s why 75% of our first dates turn into second dates and why we’re the #1 mobile-first dating app mentioned in the NYTimes Wedding section.He could have justified to himself that these students with the Cs instead of As were just worse students, that they lacked the appropriate reasoning and critical thinking skills and he could have gone on through his life doing the same to future students, to university staff, to his wife, and to his kids. Does the partner who moved across the country to be with his lover feel trapped and powerless because he has no other social outlets? Couples who come to me in crisis often have never had an honest and frank discussion about power.

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We believe the quality of your relationships determines the quality of your life.

So when it comes to your most important relationship it makes sense to take a more thoughtful approach.

But the truth is if the partner who is denying sex in the situation above keeps pretending that he or she has a headache and ignoring the power struggle beneath the surface, the problem only snowballs to the point that the couple will find themselves so resentful that breaking up seems to be the only viable option.

If people truly want to be transparent and honest in their relationships (whichever kind of relationship it is), they need to be able to have a frank discussion about the role that power plays in that relationship.

For some couples, they may find that unveiling that curtain is just too threatening and continue to hold on to sinking Titanic.

Others, who find that courage, often find that bringing power dynamics to the surface is the key to repairing their relationship and moving past resentment.

In this context, power doesn’t necessarily mean something ominous or threatening. When two people are arguing about doing the dishes or taking out the garbage, what they are often trying to decide is “Who is more powerful in the relationship? At your work when you interact with your boss, who has the power?

There are many meanings and possible sources of power. If you are now a parent, who has the power in your relationship with your children?

And what role does sex play in these power dynamics? But only by really identifying the role of power and putting it on the table can couples do something about changing their behaviors and the overall dynamic of the relationship.

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