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Some prefer to stay monogamous from the start, while others like to keep their options open, just as some view sex as something to be saved until the blossoming of a full-on relationship, while others need it early on to determine levels of chemistry and attraction.

You can see it there on the horizon – the whole “So where’s this going? The dating game has changed dramatically, and while it used to be as simple as a quick conversation along the lines of “OK, so we like each other, let’s make this official”, there is now a list of new stages in a fledgling relationship that can seem to make things more confusing.

Everything has become a little ill-defined, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve asked yourself these kinds of questions: The early stages of dating should be when you’re having the most fun of all, so don’t let things worry you, because really this is when you should be running through parks holding hands and making slushy PDAs on the tube.

OK, so you’ve navigated the world of online dating, read hundreds of profiles, sent countless messages, been on a handful of dates.

And then it happens, the most terrifying thing of all: you meet someone you actually really like, and that’s where the real difficulty begins.

You could end up torturing yourself trying to make yourself worthy of them, or hang around in the hopes that they’ll change their mind, only to be left disappointed.

Obviously there are always exceptions to this rule – bad past relationships or life priorities outside of dating can always delay things – but the undeniable truth is that if someone wants to be with you, they won’t make excuses not to be.

What i've found to be the best approach for my sanity, when attempting to define the relationship is to not tie my personal exclusivity to theirs.

I've usually been quicker to know whether or not i was ready for exclusivity.

I know there's no exact science to dating but it would help just to hear your own personal stories. Which to me says we aren't talking to/dating anyone else. Think long and hard (haha, long and hard) About if it’s too early. I know it shouldn't matter, but i think the approach depends on the genders involved.

I've been dating someone for about a month and I really like them. We had already spent a lot of time together and slept together and knew that we had zero interest in seeing other people. Doing it too early could cause some uncomfortable feelings. If you're a dude who wants exclusivity, and dating a woman...

Personally, I tend to think that if you’ve been dating someone regularly for a couple of months and they’re not ready to commit to an exclusive relationship with you, they probably never will be.

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