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"You can't control what you like the taste or smell of, you have to trust your sensory system."For now, Smell Dating is limited to 100 people (35 have signed up so far), and is only available in New York City.So, if you're horny, smell terrible, and live by yourself in the one of the most expensive cities in the world, things are looking up for you.

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Oh My Ghostess was the first drama i had watched but ere i didnt even recogonised you well. Sometimes i just feel like i wish i coukd meet you and minmin in realityyy(hope so) I would be more grateful if you and minmin could again play a role in a new drama till then take a good care❤ lovv yaaa❤ just finish watching "strong girl boong -soon".. Speaking of her voice and reactions, they're so adorable. I started watching the series Strong Woman Do Bong and just finished the complete series and I really liked it. I'm looking forward to watching the series Oh My Ghost. I wish to see you with parkhyungsik in other(drama or movie) .

I was all about thinking about you and after watching strong women do bong soon i came to recogonised you easily? please please please please i never watch her acting before.

The Smell Dating team spoke with scientists who study scents, and cite several academic studies as part of their inspiration.

Smell Dating asks for almost no personal info of its daters, not even gender or sexual preference. "It's about trusting subconscious intuition and not falling back on inevitable preconceptions and prejudices," Tega Brain told Buzz Feed News.

She also said that he always makes her laugh on set, especially when he sings his lines to her during rehearsal or when he dances the choreography of ZE: A songs behind the scenes. In a recent travel event in Singapore, Park Hyung Sik showed his chivalrous side when he readily switched seats with Park Bo Young after he saw that her seat was too high for her to be comfortable with.

The "Hwarang" star also made sure to request for a blanket so that Park Bo Young could cover her legs since she was wearing a skirt.

The daughter of Little Bo Peep, made famous by the nursery rhyme, has joined the other students at Ever After High!

She must be tired of wearing the same costume for so long, see if you can pop it up and make it more modern!

Daters exchange smelly worn t-shirts, and chose matches based purely on the smell of the shirts.

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