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New Yorkers are notorious for burning the candle at both ends.

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I even ended up in a relationship with a woman who often jokingly called me 'exotic'." Single women agree.

Dina Kennedy*, a 23-year-old woman living in New York City told us: “It is just an attractive accent.

And for the phrases and spelling that do differ between the nations, deciphering the meaning isn’t too hard or it can be more fun than anything else.

Basically, British men offer the possibility of an exotic boyfriend without being too exotic.

These points are based solely on my personal experiences as well as those of female American expat friends in their 30s.

I lived and dated in New York for the last ten years, so I can’t compare Brits to all American men.

After May 19 2018, Ms Markle will officially make the transition to British citizenship, joining her British husband in his homeland and likely giving up her American citizenship.

So what is it about British men that American women, including celebrities Sarah Silverman, Emma Stone, and Katy Perry, find so appealing?

It wasn’t just the accent and an unusually high number of bum chins (a particular weakness of mine). I felt a consistently higher level of respect from the men here.

Dating anywhere can be a soul-crushing drudge of going from one lackluster date to the next.

Whether it’s to find their very own Hugh Grant or Prince Harry, or to keep themselves endlessly entertained with the accent, it is a fact that American women love British men.

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