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This cut the JCPenney off from the enclosed portion of the mall entirely, along with the still-vacant (after almost a decade) Steinbach store.

The remaining “mall” portion is essentially the 1984 addition, which roughly connects Marshall’s and Boscov’s and houses the food court and movie theatres.

Even though Clifton Park Center is located in the center of a relatively modern and affluent suburban area, and is surrounded by almost every form of major box retail, it seems as though it was always somewhat secondary in the Albany area.

At the time, the mall was deeply troubled with vacancies, with very few of its many storefronts occupied.

The mall, which probably had around 700,000 or 800,000 square feet of floor space at the time, was sprawled out in a bizarre one-level layout.

Fast forward to 2007, and Clifton Park Center is changed dramatically.

The oldest portion of the long-struggling mall has been demolished to make way for a boulevard and an outdoor, lifestyle portion, which is currently as empty as the mall ever was.

Liberace was around, but Andy Williams opened our very first show. If I went fishing, it would only last two days because I’d want to get back to work.

“I’ve made a good living, and that’s been wonderful. When I wake up in the morning, I know at least five days a week, I’ll have a nice place to go where I can get lunch and make a few dollars.” Jim is the only Day 1 employee still at Caesars, although Pamela Price, Pete George, Benny Figgins and John O’Connell have been faithful team members since the first year.

Of course, by 2000, both Caldor and Steinbach were already gone, leaving the mall with only JCPenney and Marshall’s as anchors, and it felt sad and deserted.

Still, the decor and layout of the mall were golden–enough to solidify it as one of my favorites.

“I remember it clearly as if it was yesterday,” he told me. We were married in the Presbyterian Church over on Charleston. Nice, beautiful, and then we came right to Caesars for the reception and honeymoon.” I asked Jim about the cars back in those days: “They didn’t run as well as they do now,” he said.

“I showed up at midnight for my shift, and he walked me over. I never wanted to go back to the Flamingo that first night. “When we opened in 1966, there were the ’66 Caddys, Lincolns and Chevys.

Seriously, what does such a halfhearted, faux-Main Street set up really offer, anyway?

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