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Because this is a cross-disciplinary master’s, students can also choose courses from other academic programmes.

Students will learn analytical and problem-solving skills, how to do research, and how to generate new knowledge.

Most students who complete this programme find employment in the private sector as advisors or in research and development.

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The core of this programme is biology, with perspectives on sustainabil­ity, environmental impact, animal health and welfare, plant health, and product quality.

Students can choose between specialisations including animal nutrition, plant nutrition, animal health and welfare, plant health, and pest management, or combine animal and plant sciences.

Courses provide a strong theoretical background in subjects such as the management of border systems and the workings of the nutrient cycle.

In the second year, students will have the opportunity to apply this knowledge in their thesis project.

Because agriculture industries and environmental impacts are international, it is natural to include different national perspectives in discussions about these topics.

Denmark is an ideal place to study agriculture because of its huge food production industry, extensive agricultural research, and strict environ­mental regulations.In this programme emphasis is placed as much on the academic and professional skills as on the applied skills.International students make up roughly one-third of each class, provid­ing students with international knowledge and perspectives and the possibility to learn about different environments – both academic and agricultural.Students who do their thesis in the context of a specific company are often offered a job there. The programme looks at topics such as nutrient cycling and environmen­tal management; environmental effects of various types of production; xenobiotics; use of natural resources; geographic information systems; environmental legislation and regulation; nature restoration; and climate change. Combined with the considerable Danish expertise and experience in this area, this means that the degree programme attracts students from all over the world.We therefore guarantee that, as a student on the Agro-Environmental Management MSc programme, you will be challenged and stimulated at both the scientific and social levels.This will be the main question dealt with during the summer course in Animal Law.

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