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Tales of infidelity in France are legendary and I naively assumed I had encountered a world-class lothario.

But I knew nothing then about the French art of I soon realized that flirting in France is central to the way men and women relate to each other.

Getting your flirt on is a learned skill, but it never hurts to have great pointers, especially from these battlefield-tested pros.

Our 10 Best Flirting Blogs were selected for their wit, honesty and understanding of the game.

Social Clout: 335 likes URL: Bragging Rights: romance is their speciality Flirting with Romance takes a page out of fiction, exploring the ins and outs of modern love through the world-wind adventures of romance novels.

They cover not just the steamy page turners, but also how-to books on dating and romance and linking up with other e Readers.Flirting is fun: Men and women here view “le flirting” as a normal and deeply enjoyable part of daily life.It is a skill to be deployed in all situations – from casual supermarket encounters to exchanges with grumpy – that can often assist in getting what you want.Users can browse profiles or explore which flirt techniques are the best for them.Social Clout: 13,325 likes, 452 followers URL: Bragging Rights: what guys are really saying Guy Speak is a popular site that offers women a place to peer into the minds of men by posting questions to various male archetypes from the reformed player to a girl’s BFF.Participants learn about the origins of Black Europe and investigate the impact of colonial legacies on policies, social organizations, and legislation …

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