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The company’s name is usually cast onto the inside of the toy.

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They are shown here solely for educational purposes and to help generate interest in collecting these interesting, innovative toys. None of these toys have been restored or repaired except for the two or three repairs that are expressly noted.

These toys are the finest original examples the collector has thus far been able to find, but the search continues and is ongoing.

Although he had a German wife, Carette was a French citizen and he was forced to return to Paris when World War I broke out. When a third partner, Max Bein joined the company just before the outbreak of the First World War, they started producing many clockwork novelty toys. It is thought that the trademark of a figure in armour is connected with this company as was as that of the famous fish. Fleischmann is best known for the production of toy boats in the 1920s and the 1930s. After being widowed, the founder’s wife married the company manager Adolf Weigel, and the initials A. appeared in the early Gunthermann trademark during the period 1903-1920. To date Hess is recognised as one of the first toy manufacturers. The company continued to produce toys until the death of Mr. At this time, his son assumed control of the company and renamed it John Leonard Hess, which explains the trademark JLH. In the 1920s and the 1930s the firm’s line was predominantly cast iron automotive toys. Founded by Ernst Paul Lehmann, the firm produced highly lithographed novelty tinplate toys with exciting action provided by a clockwork mechanism.

In the 1920s and the 1930s, the production of steam engines continued together with that of trains, a steam car and a lorry. It is not clear, however, when either of these were used. Their model makers produced liners for the publicity department of Norddeutsche Lloyd. The logo changed after Weigel’s death in 1920. After the founder’s death in 1934 the company was continued by his cousin, Johanes Richter.

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In 1884 the firm started producing the first line of toys, which were coffee grinders.

Started in 1868, as the “ Novelty Iron Works”,in 1885 they moved to a new section of town, and renamed the company after the new neighbourhood.

This website was developed in order to archive and display the wonderful tin toys produced by Ernst Paul Lehmann Patenwerk in Brandenberg, Germany from the 1880s to 1930s.

Please understand that these toys are in a private collection and they are not available for sale or inspection.

From 1892 to 1997 the company conitinued under the leadership of E. Marklin created some of the finest German hand-painted tin toys and trains ever made. A few years after the founder’s death in 1919 the company was taken over by Victor Bonnet et Cie. They marketed an “ O” gauge clockwork train in 1920 and the first electric train in 1925. In 1964 the original company, whose founder had died in 1936, was taken over by the Lines Brothers. Founded by Henry Ullman, the former proprietor of Tipp and Company, after his enforced emigration from Germany. This firm produced quality cast iron toys and also used the names Buffalo Toy Works and Buffalo Indestructable Malleable Iron and Steelworks.

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