Dating in the dark reveal

In-between rounds the arrival of a 4th woman Kiera makes things interesting.

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But then, "it kind of overtook the relationship, especially in the bedroom.

It turned me off, and that's why I broke up with him." Context is everything When spilling the beans, giving your secret a bit of context can greatly help your case, Flemke says.

Good decision, says Kimberly Flemke, a therapist on staff with the Philadelphia-based Council for Relationships, a nonprofit relationship-counseling group.

"If you have a big secret, you want to have that trust established first so you know that the person is going to honor your privacy," she says.

In this episode the guys are Danny, James and Jack who come across as typical blokes.

They have been in the dating game a while and have different, if not necessarily the best, methods for trying to attract women into their lives.

But for other daters with secrets -- a history of sexually transmitted diseases, a conviction for drunken driving, an obsession with "Star Trek" -- the tell-and-then-kiss approach doesn't necessarily work. Throughout his 20s and 30s the body-care products salesman suffered from severe psoriasis, a red, scaly skin condition that covered 20 percent of his body.

Besides the itching and discomfort, there was the painful matter of having to tell a date that things might look a little "unsightly" but that "it's not contagious." Rather than share those details over an initial cup of coffee, "I got to know [the person] first, and if I thought we might get intimate, I would tell them," says Gilbert, who is now married and completely psoriasis-free, thanks to medication he has been taking for five years.

"The idea was to chronicle my commitment to staying single for six months," she says.

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