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The previous season had seen Jim and Pam finally get together after years of flirtation; Michael had also found love – with Jan Levinson, his former boss.Despite some huge differences with her new boyfriend – she was an accomplished, Type-A corporate executive, he an affable doofus – Jan moved from New York to Scranton and into Michael’s cheesy condo. Would I dare miss another episode of the most watched show on television?

Dating in the dark us abc

Shaun’s moved into an apartment near the hospital—as in, not the house in Casper, Wyoming, he lived in during the pilot—and yet, I’m pretty sure the same cat from the pilot is on his porch. I’m not asking for much, but unless that cat boarded a plane, it shouldn’t be there. Back at the hospital, Shaun and fellow surgeon Claire (Antonia Thomas) have to get a liver from another hospital for one of their patients. gets ridiculous again when Claire and Shaun need to remove a blood clot from said donated liver, and can’t wait to get back to the hospital to do so.

He lies to the parents and his surgeon boss to do this, and he gets caught.

In another flashback later in the pilot, we learn that Shaun and his brother ran away from home and were living in an old school bus inside a junkyard. ) While playing hide and seek with some other kids in the junkyard after school, Shaun’s brother slipped and fell off the top of a train car and died. Who is Jaebeom Park, and why has he done this to me? Shaun, however, accepts this responsibility with intense optimism but then begins over-diagnosing patients and, at one point, ordering an MRI for a dude who has an ear infection. Claire keeps emphasizing that the liver needs to remain at a certain temperature—basically, if it gets too hot, the liver won’t work in a new body.

Bonaventure Hospital, Shaun is assigned to “scut work” by his surgeon boss, which essentially boils down to doing menial tasks that other doctors don’t like to do. On their way back via police escort, we learn Sean can use his Genius Text Powers for … So in the middle of traffic, they stop the car and Shaun performs surgery on the liver on the trunk. Once you sit through hours of it and accept it for what it is? Sorry, I need to nitpick quickly about this absurd situation.

Much of the press had dismissed it as a pale retread of the groundbreaking Ricky Gervais-led U. original, and its ratings had fallen each week it had been on the air.

But over the next two seasons, the series, starring Steve Carell as the manager of a Scranton, Pennsylvania, paper company called Dunder Mifflin, gradually found its footing.

Shaun is so distraught about his dead brother lookalike patient having bone cancer that he tries to run a series of tests on the 0.3 percent chance he was misdiagnosed. Shaun instead gets a tear-jerking final scene with the kid, reading him the last few passages of (because his actual dead brother liked the book; for all we know, the actual still-living person sitting next to Shaun hates it, and would rather do anything else with his final moments of life). That’s the end of Episode 5, which means I am officially up to date on .

Will the American viewing public watch literally anything that makes them sad? Is “Doctors, but specialer,” all you need for a successful TV show? Do fans have to wait until the finale to see Shaun perform an actual surgery?

The dinner party was Jan and Michael’s attempt to show off their happy home; instead, they showed off how utterly dysfunctional their relationship was.

The result was a master class of dark comedy that few other shows would dare attempt, as well as 22 of the most brilliantly cringe-inducing minutes in TV history.

They’re all gonna have to stay late that night, so everyone has to cancel their plans.

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