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Gerrits has been known to recruit clients and database members while riding in Lyft Lines and Uber Pools.

Meredith Golden of Spoon Spoon, dubbed “New York City’s Tinder Whisperer” by The Cut, looks for her clients’ “quality matches” on dating apps.“If you’re single, you’re online,” she said.

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In the past six months alone, I have been pitched two separate stories about matchmakers who are not Patti Stanger and been served an ad for a matchmaking service on my Instagram feed.

I’ve also heard about two friends who were recruited by a matchmaker, one who became a matchmaker and listened as a fourth told me that at age 28, she was seriously considering a professional romantic assist. ” She told me she wanted to hire a modern matchmaker; I wanted to know what modern matchmaking looks like.

Amy Van Doran, founder of Modern Love Club, who describes herself as feminist artist first, matchmaker second, takes a boutique approach.

She works with 16 singles at a time who she has to be “obsessed with.”They rotate every three months, which means the age, gender identities and sexuality of her client demo changes.

The problem is, she has no patience for online dating and doesn’t have time to meet anyone new otherwise. I’m in a relationship with my company.” Eileen, who I was connected to through a mutual friend who also uses a matchmaker (I had no clue until I put up a Facebook status about this), said she’s looking at this as an investment in her personal life so that she can stay focused in the workplace.“I’ve asked myself if I really want to pay for this.

It goes against the grain, but it’s also empowering.I asked The Bevy cofounders to walk me through a hypothetical set-up. The next step would be to meet in-person with Tufvesson and Lewis. For a modern matchmaking company, this part felt antiquated.“Some women are wary of joining and don’t want to feel like they’re paying to meet someone,” Tufvesson said when I asked about the discrepancy. We wouldn’t take men on as our clients if we wouldn’t date them ourselves.” Meanwhile, men are asked to cough it up. We have a large network of women, men hire us to find them.”The next step is an hour of face time to develop client/matchmaker trust and deepen The Bevy’s understanding of my wants and needs.After the interview, I’d fill out a questionnaire about myself and what I’m looking for that is “lengthy, but not going to kill [me].” Clearly, they have never witnessed me try to take a Buzz Feed quiz. After, they’d search their database and find my first date.Van Doran keeps the group small to “bring the community back into dating.” She gets to know her clients on a deeper level so that, rather than feeling transactional, the setup is more along the lines of, “my friend with amazing taste wants you two to meet one another.” Fun fact: Van Doran was getting her hair dyed orange and her dog’s coat dyed blue while we chatted over the phone.Encouraging this mindset is her way of putting optimism back into dating.“It can be depressing to look at the numbers,” she said of New York City’s singles scene.

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