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"All of those are elements of victimization." In a recent meeting, a group of about 30 — men, women, and transgenders; court-mandated participants, resource providers, and volunteers — convene for the four-hour class, a prostitution intervention program that meets monthly to bring people who've been arrested for prostitution together with local rehabilitation, shelter, and support resources.

We just have to believe that as a society," Haaga says.

"There are different elements of victimization — or at least vulnerabilities — that currently exist or have existed in their lives that put them where they are right now." CRIES FOR HELP The offenders who attend Lives Worth Saving are daughters, sisters, mothers — young and old.

There are plenty of 190-proof grain-alcohol guarantees that you won't remember the eardrum-busting live music, the tourist couple dressed like Elvis dancing way too close together, or the awkward one-way mirror in the men's room that lets you see into the bar area. Between the SEXY hand stamp, endless 40s of beer, and flowing shots, even the most timid person can end up on the stripper pole at Raiford's.

Frat boys, bewildered tourists, and wedding parties in their dresses and tuxes all share the same fuzzy memories: a light-up disco floor, fog-machine smoke, twinkly lights, the BYOB and cheap pitchers plus karaoke nights, open mics, and an annual "prom" means that there are multiple opportunities for questionable decisions at The Poor and Hungry.

Representatives from A Way Out, a program run by Citizens for Community Values that offers counseling, health and dental care, change of residence, enrollment in drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs, and mentoring to victims of sexual exploitation, are also present at each month's meeting. An earlier intervention program — the Prostitution Offenders Program Services (POPS) — was created by Shelby County General Sessions Criminal Court Judge Louis J. After its dissolution, there was no official intervention initiative available until December 2014, when the new/expanded program came to fruition.

As described by Judge Montesi, who now presides over every prostitution case in Shelby County, "the program involves early identification in jail of those persons who are in this population with assignment of legal counsel, pre-trial interviews, and information for the court to release [offenders] with appropriate conditions to address needs/problems." Major Christopher Moffatt, who now works in the MPD's organized crime unit, supervised the department's VICE team for several years and participated in prostitution stings.If you had a shot of Jameson for every lawyer at Bardog Tavern after midnight, then you're probably a lawyer at Bardog Tavern after midnight.Nowhere else do so many blazer-wearing young barristers convene to have loud sports arguments under the influence of Jame-o and local beer.Or that you'll stay for "one more beer" for three hours after a West Coast Grizzlies game on a Tuesday and have to call in to work with the "Grizz Flu" the next morning. " Assistant District Attorney Abby Wallace asks a group of participants — women who'd been arrested for prostitution — gathered in Calvary Episcopal Church's mural room for a recent Lives Worth Saving class. Wallace follows up: "Do you know any homicide victims?Just don't expect to get booed off stage properly unless you're covered in tattoos and piercings, because this crowd takes hipsters to the next level.

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