Dating of the book of revelation

And once again, the books and the preachers are shouting that the signs are clear that this is the end.

They must have wondered if God had forgotten about them, and they must have wondered how the church could possibly prevail against the might and power of Rome.

The book of Revelation was written to answer those questions. Here are several answers to that question: (1) Philip Carrington said: “In the case of Revelation, we are dealing with an artist greater than Stevenson or Coleridge or Bach.

Here is something quite unlike the rest of the New Testament.

And not only is it different, but it is notoriously difficult for a modern mind to understand.

So what can we conclude about Revelation from Matthew 24?

Only that we should be careful not to automatically assume that language of judgment must apply to the final judgment of the world.

Some of the most wonderful titles and images of the Messiah in all of Scripture are found in Revelation, including: Not only is this a book about Christ, but this is a book about the church of Christ.

The most beautiful descriptions of the Lord’s church found anywhere in the Bible are found in this book. There are many people who can’t name the four gospels yet who have heard about 666.

The 25 lessons on this website are a on the book of Revelation that can be used for self study or to teach the book to others. John has a better sense of the right word than Stevenson.

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