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Good condition with some finish wear and nick in the line guard.

Duplicated Mark II check, nickel silver line guide.

Including Mitchell 204S, 206S, 300, 300 small spool pre-wound, 306 308, 308S, 386, 403, 406, 3310, 4410 Large, 4420, 486, 4420, 710, 900, 906, large skirted spool.

The reel is in excellent condition with minor rim rub. Mitchell Spools - We have hundreds of Mitchell spools old new stock and used. Spools are priced from $10 to $25 and vary by model and size of spool.

This reel has never been lined or mounted upon a rod. This reel won the 2017 IFTD award for "Best new reel freshwater"Model Super 14.

test Alcedo mono line, paperwork and leather pouch.

There are several different date codes for this reel.

The first is HB and if you look at the chart below you will find the H falls under the 3 and the B falls under the 9 meaning this reel started production in 1939.

The next date code for the same reel is GA, which was produced in 1940. This also tells us the model GA was produced from 1940 thru 1945.

The next date code for the Shakespeare model 1920 Wondereel is FK telling us it started production in 1951.

Includes original cardboard box, pouch and paperwork.

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