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It is a common practice here to offer animal sacrifice to appease the Goddess.Above Kamakhya is another small temple, Bhubaneshwari, from where one can have a bird's eye view of the city.Location Situated on the banks of the mighty Brahmaputra, at an altitude of 55 meters above sea level, Guwahati is the junction of three important roads, National Highways 31, 37 and 40.

One can visit it via the Saraighat Bridge or by the ferries that ply on the river.

The nearest important city is Calcutta (1182 km), while the capitals of the other northeastern states are at distances varying from 110 km to 650 km.

The city lies between the mighty Brahmaputra River and the Shillong Plateau.

Guwahati has a good network of hills surrounding it as well, which further contributes in the subtropical topography of the region.

The demon king Narkasura is said to have built this ancient city.

Another reason for Guwahati's charm is its being the ancient ' Kamrup', the birthplace of Kamdeva, the God of Love.

Monsoon Monsoon season brings a moderate amount of rainfall to this city.

It starts in the month of June and continues till September.

The city experiences an annual rainfall of 180 cm (from May to September).

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