brisbane women dating - Dating rituals in greece

Here are some of the numerous Greek traditions still honoured by all the Greeks, no matter how old they are, until today.

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Following the ceremony, the bridal couple stays within the church and all sorts of the guests kiss them and desire them “na zisete” (longevity to you).

Then everybody would go to the wedding reception, that is usually a restaurant rented for that night, where they dance, consume all night long.

An essential Greek tradition that can take place in the whole Greece is the fact that everyone that has a name from a saint celebrated through the church celebrates his name on the given day’s the year.

About the “name day” of someone, his family and friends visit him without invitation and provide their wishes (longevity to you, live a long time, etc…) as well as small presents.

The hostess of the home offers pastries, sweets and hors d’oeuvres towards the guests.

In Greece, name days tend to be more important than birthdays.Engagement It’s a custom in Greece for individuals to engage themselves before marrying one another.The man needs to ask the hand from the woman from her father.This custom is thought to come from paganism, and much more precisely in the old festivities worshiping Dionysus, the god of wine and feast.Clean Monday (Kathari Deutera) It’s the first day’s the season of Lent (Saracosti) where families get a picnic and fly kites.Throughout the wedding ceremony, the very best men and finest woman (koumbaro and koumbara) provide the wedding rings towards the priest and cross the crowns (stephana) over one another three times after which place them about the couple’s head.

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