Dating shiny brite ornaments

Inexpensive colorful glass Christmas ornaments have been an important part of American Christmas tree decorating since the 1880s, when retailer Frank W.

Dating shiny brite ornaments

In 1939, Corning started producing the balls, but the war slowed the operation.

Following the war, it became the largest operation in the world.

I was going to attach cans and put candles in it, and I was going to paint like a queen or something. I wrestled that thing up my stairs, and I had a little tiny studio apartment in Santa Monica, California. So I thought, "Well, it's time to raise my prices a little bit." So I would go up from $20.

I hung it up with some heavy chain I had found at a thrift store and put the candles in and was just delighted.

Each of these delicate ornaments was completely hand-blown and hand-painted.

Ornament manufacturing occurred in the home, and was a family cottage industry, with each family member responsible for a portion of production.Shari currently lives in Joshua Tree, California, and works out of her studio at the Art Queen gallery. How did you come up with the idea of making art from discards? I think I've always been fascinated with trash, ever since I was with my dad and he was dropping off some construction stuff at the dump on Maui when I was little. I used to love riding my bike or walking down the alleys of Santa Monica because that's where people would throw out their trash, and I would find old, weird things, and my imagination would be running. I hit a plateau at 0 an hour for like four years maybe, the whole time I lived in Kansas City. I was probably ten years old, and I saw these TV's and lamps and furniture, and I was like, "Wow, all this cool stuff." And then as I got older, trash started to be more interesting. So you're more inspired because you can envision something in the discarded material instead of just having to face a blank canvas and some paints? I'd already see pictures of what I was going to do with it. I had a sewing business at the time, and one of my clients bought it from me. One hundred and eighty different sizes, styles, and colors are produced at the Wellsboro plant.Formerly, most of our glass Christmas-tree decorations came from central Other companies utilizing Corning ornament blanks during the 1940s were Santa Heim, Coby, George Franke, Marks Brothers, Doubl-Glo, and Santa Novelties - these companies simply decorated the Corning-manufactured blanks and sold them as their own brands, they did not manufacture any of the glass themselves.As luck would have it, Shari was discovered by set designers from the movie "Independence Day" during one of the first weekends she sold her art at a big flea market. I kind of guess how long each one took based on how much I needed to make for my time. Since you're also a seamstress, do you buy clothes at thrift stores and redesign them for yourself?

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