Dating someone with hiv books

Because HIV is so small and difficult to find in the body, the cheapest and simplest way to detect infection is to look for antibodies that people make to fight the virus.These are very specific to HIV, like a spanner shaped to fit a nut. Results are usually confirmed using a second test called Western Blot, but can be confirmed in some cases by a second slightly different ELISA test.

HIV testing is now very accurate, but it is important to realise that HIV tests need repeating and can occasionally be wrong.

There are two main ways of testing for HIV: indirect and direct.

The virus cannot enter the body through the skin unless you have a wound, a rash, or some other cracked area on your skin. Poppers may directly damage the immune system, as may other drugs.

Safe sex means one thing: for two people who are currently uninfected to enter into an exclusive faithful relationship for life, with neither injecting drugs with shared needles. If someone wants to sleep with you that badly he or she may never tell you about previous risks or a drug habit. A positive result could prevent you from getting a mortgage and will prevent you getting life insurance cover.

Other routes are extremely rare, except infection through untested blood in some developing countries, broken or faulty equipment, or inadequate supplies of reagents.

Spreading the virus through normal social contact is unknown. Vaginal, oral, or anal sex can transmit the virus from a man to a woman and a woman to a man.Dr Patrick Dixon explains about HIV symptoms: what happens when someone is infected with HIV. Dr Dixon is a physician and founder of the international AIDS agency ACET, with prevention and care programmes in many of the poorest nations. Why some people get infected with HIV and not others.Oral (orogenital) or anal sex also transmits in both directions from man to man, and oral sex from woman to woman.Other sexually-transmitted diseases will make infection more likely.For example, recent vaccination against influenza will produce a positive ELISA test in around 1% of uninfected people. In almost every case, these incorrect results are sorted out by a Western Blot, which is highly specific to HIV.

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