Adults chat for punjabi - Dating someone with mental illness

Now, he always asks if there's anything he can do or if there's anything I want or need.

After nervously telling my boyfriend about my past struggles, I found I felt more confident. These questions remind me to always stay grounded and that the world isn't as critical of me as I am." —steviesue "Little things make a world of difference, like how he calls me on Skype instead of on the phone because he wants to see me while we talk.

And instead of feeling judged or thinking I was weird, he embraced me for me and reassured me that these things don’t change his feelings for me." —amylynnm433301477 "My girlfriend talks me through my anxiety by asking questions like, Why did you feel this way? Knowing how he sees me makes me feel so much more confident about my appearance and personality." —katiep4472f3c87 "My boyfriend and I have great communication.

Now I take them out whenever I anxiously start to doubt the relationship or myself." —firelilyfairy "I have a difficult time with loud, unexpected noises, so before doing anything noisy — whether it's crushing a water bottle or turning on the vacuum — my significant other warns me with a "Noise alert!

" It sounds silly, but it really means a lot to me." —a413307118 "My husband will talk about nothing in particular for as long as I need.

I begin to focus more and more on what he is saying, and before I know it, my racing thoughts have slowed and I feel like I have a better grasp on my thoughts. Being bipolar isn't easy, but having someone like him in my life makes my days better." —j4b0cf1602 "I have Bipolar and Borderline Personality Disorder.

The best thing my fiancé has ever done for me is not let me take my diagnosis and wallow in it.

While he hasn’t personally dealt with mental health issues, he didn’t judge me or think less of me, or think I was being dramatic.

He is wonderful at pointing out days or moments where he sees I am making progress.

It helps to be able to ask if we’re okay without having to say it out loud in case one of us is super anxious or upset and doesn’t want anyone else to know." —meanreed08 "After I started dating my boyfriend, I realized how important it is to grow as a person and be able to be your own light.

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