Dating the jjang from sang fanfic who is johanna botta dating

I hope I can see Nam Joo Hyuk acting somewhere else.

I was anticipating and waiting for this drama waited for Nam Joo Hyuk however........

At the first, I feel so excited to know that Nam Joo Hyuk is the lead actor but after I watch the first until 6th episode, nothing make me interest. This is a hot mess with little clear purpose or focus; even the title makes no sense. The drama started out as interesting but then the writers decided to drop all of it and turn it into a lame, predictable, and repetitive romantic comedy. There is nothing more saddening than seeing Nam Joo Hyuk in this drama.

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nam joo hyuk's acting skill also suck in this drama(i never see him over acting in his previous drama) he also awkward but why yall kept on pointing and blaming SSK for this? THEY ONLY MADE ME THINK FUNNILY THAT YOU CAN SURVIVE IN SOUTH KOREA WITH NO MONEY.

To the people asking why dis drama was named bride of habaek Jhalduro,its cause this was adapted from a manhwa named the bride of the water god n i honestly dunno why they changed the storyline when it was so amazing Awesome drama but i expect too much.

Im sorry but i dont really recommend you to watch this drama.

I think the drama started to get boring when he lost his power...

i loved the whole thing i never watched a tv show that made me cry and laugh this much and i have watched a lot of tv shows and i am new to watching jdrama and korean drama but this show made me want to explore more of about these type of dramas i hope theres a season 2 I have so many things to say abt this drama and for those who kept on bashing SSK. Do you think they want to act like that if the director wont agree it in the first place ? i didn't understand how she was destined to be his bride (says wiki) and i didn't bother understanding the ending.

For goodness sake can you all stop talking bad abt her alrdy. First of all i have to admit that her character is annoying in this drama. I have to agree that they have such a great cinematography. I just dont understand why you all kept on blaming SSK for this. But the hate comment saying her stiff and all is making me sick alrdy. my point is the plot that make this drama annoying. i still love the ost but seriously the drama can do better.Im totally not happy with the ending, coz in the end if you think, so ah will die, maybe they let joo hyuk to use his powers to make so ah his bride forever hahaha. But i like the cinematography of this drama the best overall its awesome but the story i dont think so lol.And so a, I hate the part when shes crying or what( in the bridge when bi ryeom puts him in danger), it feels like shes not crying but instead moaning lol. ❤ I really liked this drama I know some People would dissagree with me however I think the bad ratings are the director's fault the actors really did a good job.I like it so far but my only issue is with the main lead actress. Despite of many criticisms this series earn, i will still rate this 10/10. this drama didnt have strong plot which is the water god should have power even he lost his power because he came to earth at first, BUT THEN the stories going no where~ the cast is a big w o w but sorry to say that i didn't feel the chemistry of the lead.Such a pretty face but awful acting, her expressions are so blah. I believe that the story was not boring (though it was rushed), if you know how to appreciate and focus. i also didn't like the parts where njh need to have 7 (if im not mistaken) kissing scenes, ghad that totally made me loose my mind.I mean okay at first I thought okay that won't take that long to get his power back but I think he just got powerless for 3-4 episodes and the drama just got boring I don't know it's just my feeling.

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