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Never one to turn down a free drink in those days, I immediately accepted even though I got one of those looks from Rose that she didn’t really feel like stopping.

I have since learned to pay more attention to those little hints.

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Therefore, to sit here and write about my recent divorce is quite surreal.

Even more strange, is while the marriage break up was stressful, the divorce that followed was rather comical and to my surprise, it is very quick and easy to get divorced in Turkey. I had always refused to spawn any devil children and we had no major assets between us.

Mom wanted to meet her so I arranged for us to pick her up on a Sunday and go out for brunch at a nice restaurant.

Rose was looking forward to it and so was I, to be honest after picking my first wife all on my own I wanted Mom’s opinion in case things got serious.

This blog is my writing portfolio and journal about life in Turkey.

Terry’s future wife Rose witnesses the old fashioned discipline soundly administered by Terry’s mother that she would soon continue and make one of the cornerstones of their long and successful been divorced almost three years and had been going with Rose for almost one.

The electricity that had disappeared from our marriage years ago suddenly came back.

The secretary called us in to finalise the formalities but we were still playing around like a couple of children. We stood there, arm in arm, smiling and laughing and declared we were not happy and wanted different things in life. Wait outside for the judge to call you” they said with a confused look on their faces. His chair was elevated on a wooden bench and we sat separately at desks opposite each other.

A rather shitty shade of grey, full of confusion, doubt and uncertainty about what the future holds. I thrive on the unexpected and I am up for the challenge. He is a hardworking, decent man but was not meant to be in my life forever and I seriously doubt I will marry again.

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