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Dear friends, as I promised, I am writing you our news.First of all, I would like to thank Elena, the coordinator of my trip to Russia.

So I thought at one point: I’m just going to respond to a few of them, and bait them a bit, see if it will lead to any answers.

I was quite surprised that there was a response at all. The response was in English, and it was indeed stated that “she” had used an online translator and didn’t actually speak my language.

I will wait for your letter, I think that you very soon will answer me. Well, I’ve never been on a Russian dating site or anything, so the stories of how they got my email address or that they liked ‘my profile’ or such, that’s all nonsense.

Another thing is that the email always comes from a completely different address (and name) than the one they tell you to use in the message (which is usually a free service such as gmail, hotmail or yahoo).

Then I sent an email where I explained that I had long realized that something was a bit fishy…

and I wondered what it was exactly that she wanted. That the scam was to get you to send them money, but they never had any intention of really coming over.I want to say thank you for the fact that I met my Philip.When I came to your office and paid for a contract for six months, in order to obtain the status of my profile "confirmed", it seemed to me that it is impossible to meet my beloved in such a short period of time.It was a difficult decision for me - to meet with Eugenia in Russia. I would like to share my experiences on this site with those who are just beginning dating.First, I realized that to find a good man - it's real.I the lonely good and beautiful girl, I very much wish to find the man with which, I can construct serious relations, I do not smoke and I do not drink, I go in for sports, I love rest, to walk on coast, to have a rest on the beautiful nature, at me it is a lot of interests and I think, that it very much to like you.

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