Dating yoga women

“I think it’s totally a turn-on,” said Joseph Alpern, 31, of what women think of the fact that he heads to yoga several times a week, after randomly enrolling in a college yoga class years ago.

I think yoga is awesome, and I’ll be the first to get everyone to try it.

But besides all the health benefits it gives you (flexibility, mindfulness, great toned legs), I think that yogis are also relationship gurus. Yogis are balancing experts And no, I’m not just talking about doing Tree pose.

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Just look at the array of classes available, from a traditional practice, to sweaty yoga in a 95-degree room, or classes set to hip-hop music.

They might be attracted to the job or the looks, but what they’re really attracted to is the man’s capacity to pay attention to her … Alpern, who is a musician, practices mostly hot yoga and never hides his hobby when dating.

“I put it out there because I do want the person I’m dating to be a healthy-lifestyle person with similar values to myself,” he said.I initially went to yoga because I though it was the ~trendy~ thing to do (and let’s be real, I absolutely hate the treadmill and ellipticals are stupid to me).Little did I know that it would become a huge staple in my life, a constant in my weekly routine and an appropriate reason to buy tons of yoga pants.If you’ve noticed more dudes in your local yoga studio, you’re not imagining things.Since 2012, the number of men downward-dogging their way to tranquility has spiked from 6 million to 10 million, according to a 2016 study conducted by Yoga Journal and Yoga Alliance.I guess I should let my boyfriend actually attest to that, but regardless, I think that if you practice yoga, you automatically become better at relationships. Yoga combines calming your mind and controlling your body, and sometimes literally is a balancing act.

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