Dogs and dating

In just a few moments, two glands on either side of the penis will begin to swell inside of the vulva, producing a clamping response from the bitch that results in a tie.

During the tie, the majority of the sperm are delivered into the canal.

Most importantly, you should observe your bitch for signs of readiness during her heat cycle.

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The male may choose to remain on top of the bitch, or slightly off to her side.

He may also twist around so the two are facing in opposite directions.

Likewise, a four to six-month-old male may be physically willing and able to produce a litter, but he is still too young to use as a stud.

No dog should be used for breeding until physically and mentally mature.

Any more than this depletes the male's sperm count and exhausts both animals.

Additionally, sperm can live and fertilize eggs for several days after a mating.

A bitch that is ready to be bred will allow the male to sniff and lick her vulva as she holds her tail up and out of the way.

Ideally, the male will then mount the bitch from behind and proceed to penetrate the vulva with his penis.

Although you cannot solely rely on breeding according to the day of the bitch's season, many successful breedings are carried out over days nine, eleven and thirteen of the cycle.

It is only necessary to allow one good breeding each day for two healthy and fertile dogs to produce a litter.

The important thing is to calmly keep them from pulling on one another so neither dog's genitals are injured.

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