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Stand straight, shoulders back and head high, read “Badass body language” for more details on this.

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Just get the spartan training program and follow it, you lazy fuck. The best way to reward women without creating yourself problems in the future is by praising them and giving them more attention.

Like previously mentioned, it is your job to maintain discipline and the respect of the house rules. If she has a good overall behaviour, just express genuinely how beautiful she is when she does that or how proud you are to be with such a good woman who does this.

Let’s be clear here: you don’t need to win point with her in the daily life in order to fulfil your sexual need. Any attempt of gaining control or conditioning your behaviours by controlling the amount of sex you have is a severe and punishable transgression. If she is a little tired or sore from last night, she can always give you oral sex.

That being said, sometimes it is normal that she doesn’t feel like having sex, because of stress, tiredness, period, sickness, fluctuating hormone levels, etc. It is an easy and practical alternative that should be rewarded obviously.

When she is good, flood her with love and compliments.

If she is disrespectful or starts showing signs of unacceptable behaviour, immediately end the current activity and remove all the attention you have on her.

She needs to feel that you could crush her at any moment, but because you are in control, and because she is yours to love, you will never harm her, and you will only use that physical strength to protect her from any danger. That’s where the gentlemanly door-opening thingy comes in; you’re always walking slightly in front of her, thus removing obstacles from the way.

Appearances are so important, especially for women.

Do you want to meet submissives and do some spanking?

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