Dorus rudating

Most male expats say that their nationality can still have a positive impact on girls.

"You can just speak English and heads will turn," said Sean, 26, an English language teacher.

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But the fascination with foreignness is, it appears, skin deep.

Moscow today, with its hip cafes, shiny business centers and fashionable retail stores, is no longer the Moscow of the '90s, when girls fantasized about being whisked away by a foreign prince in Levi's.

When Russia plunged into chaos following the collapse of the Soviet Union, many of its citizens looked for a reliable way out.

Naturally, foreigners were viewed as a bridge to the more developed and "civilized" West.

The subject of her advances, a British Moscow Times business reporter, blushes with embarrassment.

Roughly twenty men and women have paid 1,500 rubles () to meet a potential new love interest.

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