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As David points out in the course, “Your choice of romantic relationship partner is THE #1 MOST IMPORTANT CHOICE you will make in your entire life.” I agree with this statement.

Being with the wrong person makes your day-to-day life suck.

Long story short – I bought David’s entry-level DYD ebook and started implementing his famous “cocky-funny” and other dating techniques that he revealed to me, and I then VERY QUICKLY started dating multiple women.* It was pretty amazing…

I credit this experience with not only helping me get on the right path with women, but also getting me really interested in personal development in general.

And being with a woman you consider “amazing” is awesome, it improves your life greatly.

Especially when you know that she loves you and is committed to you.

One nice thing in the fact that each module is further broken down into chapters which each have titles so you can skip to whatever part you want to rewatch…

There is also a section for downloads, but as of now I’m getting a message that says “Your downloads will be available after your 30 day refund period is up.” So I’m assuming that after 30 days I can download the entire course in video and audio formats as is the case with David’s other training programs.

Obviously there are some men are happy to just hook up with randoms and stay single forever – and if that is you, more power to you…

But if you are a guy who ultimately wants to have a deep, incredible relationship with an amazing, sexy woman who adds massive value to your life and who you want to keep in your life indefinitely, then you will undoubtedly get a lot out of this course.

That said, I’ve been studying this stuff for a long time, and at least 75% of the concepts that are presented here were either totally new to me, or they offered a totally new spin on something that I already knew about.

You also get to hear from David’s wife, who gives you not just a “female perspective”, but insights into what really discerning, intelligent, together women are looking for in a man.

The main training is broken down into 17 “Sessions” which are basically video modules taken from a live seminar David held.

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