Down with dating friendship and real dating side

But Sweet Pea, which soft-launched five months ago and officially goes live this month, is different.For one, there’s a much bigger focus on conversation.A lot of people use apps as more of a casual game than really wanting to have a conversation and meet someone.

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There were no photos, just an icebreaker question and a short profile.

I didn’t really know how it was going to go, but ELLE wrote an article about us and we got 10,000 users in the space of a week.

People are getting worse at just having conversations with strangers.

It’s not just a problem with dating apps, it’s social media in general that hasn't done a good job at helping us empathize with strangers.

So, my goal was trying to recreate that “spark” digitally.

I want to help people find healthy, happy relationships and make the world feel like a little bit smaller of a place.Like that spark you feel when you just click with someone and have a really great conversation—it could be something serious, or something silly.It’s really hard, on most dating apps, to feel that.” And people would say, “Oh, one in every fifteen.” So I'm trying to solve that with a tangible product and make the app experience feel a little bit better.MB: Most of my inspiration has come from what I’ve experienced in real life and what wasn’t translating into digital spaces.It was a more extreme version of what Sweet Pea is now.

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