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p=TBChrome_T_t_40_L1&amzn_id=alexa65-tb-20&url= ======================================== American Singles “ The second most popular online dating agency we have come across.” “ Lots of advanced features and free to sign-up.

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130 Surrey Gardens Edmonton, AB T5T 1Z3 Canada Phone :1 7 [email protected]: Dream Mates

p=TBChrome_T_t_40_L1&amzn_id=alexa65-tb-20&url= ======================================== e Harmony “ Personality matching of couples on 29 dimensions that determine long-term success.” Traffic Rank for eharmony.com: 1,310 Online Since: 24-Dec-1998 Contact Info for eharmony.com: Neil Clark Warren & Assoc.

From the Online Dating Services – Reviews and Guide: Top Online Dating Services These websites are ranked according to their popularity.

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PO Box 875 Bedford, TX 76095 Phone: 817-355-6677 Email: [email protected] Since: 13-Jun-2000 Alexa: Matchmaker

p=TBChrome_T_t_40_L1&amzn_id=alexa65-tb-20&url= ======================================== “ is one of the most popular on the Internet.

If you're in a more mundane place, like Pittsburgh or Indianapolis, forget it; it's mostly spam for adult Web sites, or dull ads like "SWF 24 seeks SWM 23-30. Must be at least 6' 2" tall."Even when comparing metro areas with roughly the same population, the Craigslist in the city with more "buzz" will get about 10 to 20 times the traffic as in the Rust Belt or Midwestern 'burg.yes, a truly free web site. Just ask the right questions and you will get the right answer. Their response will be my cell phone number is my home number.

nevertheless, many of the people on the site are married.

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