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Only the gay men aren’t looking for GHB, crystal meth or any of the other drugs associated with the UK subculture. But that doesn’t stop gay men wanting to get their hands on it.“There is such a demand,” says Geoff, a 36-year-old British expat who works for a global bank in Dubai. People talk about the need for having poppers when they come round and see you.

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“That isn’t really how they are used in Dubai because the gay scene repurposes venues to be a gay venue for a night.

Poppers are purely used for a sexual angle.” This “sexual angle” was famously explained by American psychiatrist Thomas P Lowry in his 1982 essay “The inhalable nitrites may be the nearest thing to a true aphrodisiac,” Lowry wrote.

Importantly, he later notes that when under the influence “anal penetration becomes easier, probably from a combination of muscular relaxation and decreased pain perception.” Crucially it is this that makes poppers the most sought after drug by gay men in Dubai; more than coke or ecstasy.

Or as Geoff puts it: “It serves a purpose in the bedroom.” Of course, the use of poppers during sex isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

I was having ‘interactions’ one time with an Egyptian guy I met online.

He was so obsessed with having poppers it became the whole narrative while we were in bed.

Whereas gay venues can remain permanently open in the UK and openly advertise their function, things are different in the Emirate of Dubai.

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