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but they have no record of an Opening: " [loudspeaker] 'You are entering the Bonanza Department Store. Beyond Midnight." --- the narrator Reviews: A slow-moving, tale that is well-written and well-acted. Forty was so long ago, I can't remember what all the fuss was about. By the time he can walk to the garden, however, she has vanished.

While the opening is a bit of a yawn (although the use of a female narrator instead of the typical male narrator provides some interest), the conclusion is drawn out just enough to evoke a solid feeling of gloom.

Even though Emily confessed that she was making the whole thing up, Joan was executed.

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He takes the elevator to the 13th floor where he meets the most amazing sales woman and arranges to meet her after work. More terrible than anything dreamed up by the horror writers of the last two centuries. It was no trick of the imagination the way he saw Eloise looking at the younger men in the club, and a number of them, young 'bucks' like Edward Mathes, were not above doing something about it. Beyond Midnight." Reviews: A clever ending built around a mediocre tale.

When she doesn't show up, he enquires at the store... He travelled further than any other into the regions that lie... The acting was adequate, but I never warmed to either the story or the characters (much of the episode involved the husband muttering under his breath). At least until one evening when the writer glances out his window and sees a woman, face turned away, the very embodiment of dejection and despair.

The last chapter was not going to be written, of course, for the final chapter of any autobiography must remain unwritten.

She turned her head and looked out of the window at the garden in which she spent a lot of her time. Lilian Hamilton sat at the writing table and slowly, in a style that was not good, but colourful and evocative, penned the story of her married life in a thick [school] exercise book.

After all, it's the perfect place to bury his wife, isn't it? --- Robert Mayer Seems like I've heard this story many times before. [5/10] --- z M —shackled, strait-jacketed and dumped in the ocean.

See also: "Three O'clock" ( Opening: "[Holmes muttering] ...seventeen short, swift days and you'll be forty, Robert Holmes. His wife is tired of hearing about it and plans to sabotage his escape from a potentially watery grave.

Where possible, I have cross-referenced these titles to those more commonly used in the OTR community (I count 63 'alternate' titles floating around, but there are probably more! Springbok Radio is currently engaged in restoring many of their programmes, so this list will be revised as more episodes are found, restored and released to the public. [7/10] --- z M Interesting with a deeper sense of mystery than other episodes of this series. ' [man] 'Okay, on you then, I don't mind.' [Warwick] 'Er... Birkin is known for brutally telling stories which are bleak and feature physical cruelty: infanticide, rape, and cannibalism.

The episode titles below were obtained from Springbok Radio by way of Relic Radio. --- Rob Mayer Very slow beginning, but worth listening to.

The quarrel was a fierce one, and there could be but one result." --- the narrator Reviews: A somber, fatalistic tale with a predictable, yet strong, ending. [Green] Mansion is, not to put too fine a point on it, a luxuriously appointed [mental] home. Oddly, with each succeeding year, the age gap between him and Eloise, seemed to widen as if time were carrying him along and leaving her behind.

Even though this is a simple story with a predictable plot and resolution, the acting and pacing still manage to create tension and a strong sense of foreboding. [8/10] --- z M Richard Javelin, anthropologist, wanders into the Bonanza Department store looking for a water distilling outfit—a copper tank with coils of copper tubing used for distilling water—for a 10-man expedition up the Amazon. You see, my friend Farlow experienced a brand of mental torture that is perhaps greater than anything ever recorded. [narrator] Generally, it is the so-called frailer or weaker sex who are so conscious of the passage of time, that they hear the knell of doom in the number Forty. To Robert Holmes, though, forty held all the terrors that modern man can imagine within its two crisp syllables. In the beginning she had looked at him as being attractively mature, while now he felt she regarded him as growing old. Instead, he allowed it to prey on his mind, and that pathetic little number, the one that comes after thirty-nine, carried him...

Michael Mc Cabe was born in England, grew up on the Isle of Wight, and did a spot of acting in Kenya before ending up at Springbok Radio in South Africa. The captain and crew encourage him to change rooms, but the businessman can't believe there isn't a rational explanation for the whole thing, and he's determined to get to the bottom if it. It may be prejudice, but I was only cheated out of a good passage once in my life. It was one June, and the Kamtschatka was a ship I always loved to travel on. She has a lot of advantages, but I won't cross that duck pond in her again. Beyond Midnight." --- the narrator Reviews: A slow-paced, narrator-driven story with minimal sound effects and music. The written story has an element of wry humour which is missing in this production. [7/10] --- z M Out beyond the church of Saint-Germain des Prés, a duel of honour pits Hector de Brissac against his first cousin, André. Based on the Basil Copper short story "The Janissaries of Emilion", first published in Opening: "He awoke for a third consecutive occasion at dawn, sweatin' and terrified, with the details of the dream vivid in his mind.

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