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Weibo chatter had it that Lin was on a variety show with Qin’s friend, Chinese Victoria’s Secret model Sui He, and that the two women did not like each other.

Lin was also said to have badmouthed Qin in a circle of friends on We Chat.

Of course, take what you read with a huge grain of salt.

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Edison Chen caused massive speculations when he went on a Weibo tirade against Lin Chi Ling last year, allegedly due to his model girlfriend, Shu Pei Qin whose offer to appear on a show was withdrawn.

In his Weibo posts, Edison had not-so-subtly blamed Chi Ling for influencing the producers’ decision.

In a photo circulated online, Edison was seen carrying a baby in front of a banner that read “Alaia’s 100”.

Pei Qin was seen standing beside him, along with his parents and two older sisters.

Eventually, he underwent covert genetic testing at Hong Kong's Victoria Hotel. The test revealed that there is only a 0.03% match between the DNA of Lucas and Nicholas Tse. (From left) Nicholas Tse, his father Patrick Tse, Nicholas' sister, and Cecilia Cheung.

The baby Cheung is holding is Lucas./ Source: search engine Baidu] Soon after, there was even more shocking rumors claiming that the child's real father is the man he calls his grandfather, Patrick Tse.

Of course, Tse's family and people around him tried to hush up the truth.

However, Tse could not continue his marriage and decided to split up. Some claim that Lucas' real father is not Patrick Tse, but Edison Chen.

Though there is an overabundance of speculation out there, no one knows for sure what the beef is about.

Chen’s hate post on Weibo attacked Lin’s look, odor and professional abilities, using some very obscene language. In the end all truths reveal themselves.”Here’s that first post: Lin Chi-ling responded via her manager, saying that she doesn’t really know Chen and doesn’t know why he’s attacking her.

Actor Edison Chen attends the Awards Ceremony during the last day of the 56th Asia Pacific Film Festival at The Venetian Hotel and Casino on December 15, 2013 in Macao, China.

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