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Top LLWS Moments: Winners console LLWS star who ceded walk-off The 2017 Little League World Series has been filled with highlights: a perfect game; dramatic, walk-off hits; big leaguers and Little Leaguers and a heartfelt moment of compassion between competitors.Here are some of the most memorable moments so far from Williamsport.So what have they taken with them from those early days when they were just learning the game?

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Photos: Little League goes big league Every August, Williamsport, Pennsylvania, is the mecca for Little League baseball players from around the world who dream of playing professional baseball.

This year, those dreamers were treated to a taste of the real thing.

Team-by-team previews | Schedule | Scores | Baseball Factory Scouting Reports Photos: The Wonders of Williamsport Every August, Williamsport, Pa., becomes the center of the baseball universe -- thanks to an army of volunteers.

We peeked behind the scenes to see how the city comes together to host the Little League World Series, a festival of competition and goodwill.

After many months of back and forth, we have finally decided to attempt an interesting recipe that I saw Jacques Pepin cook on TV - Codfish Brandade.

Of course he made it look both easy and delicious, which being an artisinal French dish I knew it could only be one and not the other.That team goes on to compete in district, sectional and state tournaments, most of which are double-elimination.The state champions (each state sends two teams) go on to a regional competition, broken up into eight regions: New England, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Great Lakes, Midwest, Northwest, Southwest and West. -- participate in the tournament, with 6,500 of them eliminated within the first three weeks.Players in the Little League World Series must be between the ages of 11 and 13.Players must provide birth certificates to show they are of age.Much to my amazement, this surprisingly easy dish was perfect.

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