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The business encompasses a 2,200-square-foot warehouse and three employees, in addition to Brita and Gwen.

What's more, Kim has a platform and a venue to teach Heather some life lessons.

Kim finds it natural to explain everything about the business world to Heather.

"What makes us work," Brita says, "is that [Gwen] has trained her children properly, and she's smart enough to stand back and let her teachings take place." Gwen has four children. We all struggled, and I'm thankful they've seen the sacrifices I've made, Gwen says. They do appreciate my sacrifices, and they don't let me want for anything." Venture: 7 Mc Donald's Franchises Location: Southern California (Artesia, Cypress, Newport Beach, Norwalk and Cerritos) Isabelle Villasenor purchased the first of seven Mc Donald's franchises after her divorce in 1981.

Her daughters, Lisa De Bono and Jenny Briones, were 7 and 10 years old, respectively.

The trio's advice for others: Villasenor: "Be honest and maintain your integrity." De Bono: "Set very clear parameters and priorities.

There should be no guesswork on the direction we're headed as a family." Briones: "Never let anything get in the way of family." What do the daughters' kids think about Mc Donald's?

Look to the entrepreneurial stories that follow to find heartwarming examples of mothers and daughters who share their workaday worlds--and wouldn't have it any other way. Location: Reston, Virginia Veggielicious Cookies and Cakes Inc.

was born in 2005 when Brita De Brest's mom, Gwen, challenged her to make a cookie out of vegetables.

It was a logical choice for Villasenor, whose in-laws had been franchisees since 1968. "We say we were born with ketchup in our bangs," Briones says.

"When Ronald Mc Donald came to visit, we wore tiny management uniforms and handed out balloons and tray liners." Today, the trio oversees 300 employees.

Brita went home that night and made sweet potato cookies, which she brought to work the following day.

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