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Look at Error Provider to allow the user to type what they want but show warnings as they type.For your first suggestion of a text box that only allows numbers, you might also want to consider a Numeric Up Down.

For more information, see the WM_KILLFOCUS topic in the "Keyboard Input Reference" section, and the "Message Deadlocks" section of the "About Messages and Message Queues" topic in the MSDN library at

The following code example uses the derived class Text Box and validates an e-mail address that the user enters.

It is usually better to show their keypresses but display a warning that the input is currently invalid.

It's probably also quite complicated to set up for masking an email-address regular expression for example.

Next step is to choose the way Super Validator performs validation.

That is done by setting Validation Type property as shown in image below: These properties allow you to define 3 level validation for each control.

Instead the Enter and Leave events should be used for all controls except the Form class, which uses the Activated and Deactivate events.

Super Validator can work with any of these components set or without any of them at all if you are planning to report validation results some other way.

Do you want to prevent input that isn't allowed or validate the input before it is possible to proceed?

The former could confuse users when they press keys but nothing happens.

If the e-mail address is not in the standard format (containing "@" and "."), the validation fails, an Error Provider icon is displayed, and the event is canceled.

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