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Some people seek harmony, some see conflict as simply robust discussions, some people are emotional, some more factual.

So there is no right or wrong about this and what we are trying to do is help two different people each understand how the other might deal with conflict and what it will mean for the relationship. Not to hurt or to be self-aggrandising but because it creates the right honesty and tension to get the problem fixed more quickly. The twin attributes of insightful caring and organisational ability will mean the ENFJ will see all the interconnections between people, pick up on the cues and work tirelessly to help solve people issues.

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Often at the flipchart they capture ideas giving everyone the chance to contribute.

ESTPs are episodic leaders who will seek to get things done, move on and get more things done.

They prefer action-oriented people who don’t slow things down and who cut to the chase and are practical.

The ESTP has incredible drive and energy, but all focused on practical application and sorting things right now.

We all bring something different to the team and we all agree that difference and balance are good things.

However when someone is different from us we might not understand them so well so in this section we allow you to compare the differences at work, how these might manifest themselves and how best to manage them.

They need clarity, real meaning, a worthwhile output and closure.

ESTPs will focus forensically on the problem at hand, then once it is done, they will get bored and need another thrill.

The ESTP draws great energy from moving swiftly from problem to problem, coming up with practical solutions and moving on.

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