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Young Life leaders are going to these camps, reaching out to teens with have little to do, getting to know them, hanging out and hearing their stories and the stories of their families. During this time, the government declared a state emergency due to political tensions, putting restrictions on large-scale public gatherings of young people.Many young people were arrested and imprisoned because they opposed the government.Here, they connected with local churches, partnered with Ethiopian Christians who were passionate about youth, and Young Life was born.

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Ethiopia is a land of antiquity; it is the oldest independent African country dating back to 5 B. The main language is Amharic and English is widely spoken.

The people are elegant, industrious and possess the deep warmth commonly found in African cultures.

Over the last 18 years, Young Life in Ethiopia has grown 34% per year.

Currently, over 15,000 kids attend Young Life outreach clubs every week and almost 10,000 kids are involved in weekly discipleship groups.

The Site is premised on the idea of cultural compatibility: more lasting and formidable relationships are made between people that share a common culture, language and value system.

Read the full review Ethiopian is a dating site geared toward connecting Ethiopian men and women living in the US and abroad.Experience this amazing country and culture on the ground in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and the surrounding communities.Ethiopian dating has never been easier thanks to a few quality Ethiopian dating sites that have been launched in the last several years.In Ethiopia, leaders are responding to large-scale challenges within the region, which are taking our leaders into refugee and internally displaced persons (IDP) camps.As reported in global media, severe drought has led to full-blown famine across the horn of Africa, which along with political conflicts has fueled the refugee and IDP crisis.Ethiopian offers Ethiopian singles a chance to find love and friendship.

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