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Personals merely because I had the line "Now there's something I'll bet you didn't expect to find on this Yahoo Personals site! My ad consisted of two full paragraphs and five photos, and the cowardice started immediately - three days after submitting the ad, I received a generic rejection containing words to the effect that "There's something wrong with your ad or photos, and we can't accept it - please correct the problem and re-submit your ad".

That's it - no indication what the "problem" was, no contact person, no return email, no other information, no ad posted, but they HAD charged my credit card, of course!

Do you find yourself out of the "dating loop" because of the age or lifestyle? We are with you every step of the way: Finally, we congratulate you!

Does "home - car - work - car - home" sound like your average day? Do you think that going to a bar to find a soul mate is a waste of time? Forget about your credit card or a check: Does online dating work? Try to see it is an opportunity to meet other people that otherwise you wouldn't meet at all. The risk is minimum and the reward is worth trying. If you answered "yes" to most of these questions then this online dating service is for you! We developed our "dating watch dog" software that detects, analyzes and removes all inappropriate members.

Ultimately, after going two levels up the supervisory chain, I learned that the filtering process used works like this: they hire minimum-wage Latinos and blacks (the only ones who will work for the wages they pay) and provide them software that automatically parses ad content for anything unacceptable (sadly, the list of "unacceptable" things the software rejects is nothing like the list they publish on the pages of their web site, as you'll see in a moment).

The employees are free to apply their ignorance, weak English-speaking skills, prejudices, attitudes (some even think "rap" is music, poor souls) and cultural slants at will to rejecting ads - there is no oversight or accountability up stream.So, over the next few weeks, I changed my ad wording, photos, even my profile selections (none of which were even mildly objectionable) trying to get acceptance, without luck.So finally, totally frustrated and still no posted ad (but out the nonetheless), I searched through the entire site and found some contact information buried on their site (in the advertising section - all "company info" links are currently broken, and have been for over a year and a half - the number I used is shown below.You have to see online dating as a medium, an agent that represents you or a meeting place. Cheaters, perverts or other lowlifes are out in no time! We treat every member like a member of our very busy virtual family.And how many friend of a friend dates can you have when you are busy? Do you find yourself out of the "dating loop" because of the age or lifestyle? We are with you every step of the way: Finally, we congratulate you!She did, however, finally approve my ad as originally written, but she acted as though she was doing me some kind of huge favor (she had that perversely ghetto-black attitude where anyone white owes her something merely because she dragged her sorry butt out of bed in the morning - doing anything more to actually EARN her pay would be too "Uncle Tom"). Personals to enhance your romantic possibilities, be prepared to deal with a very impersonal, money-grubbing, unprofessional organization with terrible software and products whose interest in you is limited only to the bulge in your pants (your wallet).(408) 349-1572 (customer service)(617) 305-6032 (advertising sales) (link is currently broken)

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