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First, we reconstruct fossil diatom and chironomid assemblages spanning the last several centuries of environmental change.

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Third, we assess the response of aquatic biota to volcanic inputs.

During the coring of Laguna Baños, we penetrated into a thick tephra deposit at least 10-cm thick.

Investigating climate change on the scale of an individual lake ecosystem provides a perspective on the prevailing climatic processes operating at a local level that may be missed by larger scale climate models due to the dominant effects of orography (Herzog et al., 2011).

Lakes rarely respond to temperature shifts in a linear fashion, rather they often show threshold-type responses to warming (Smol and Douglas, 2007; Hobbs et al., 2010; Rühland et al., 2008, 2103, 2015).

The tropical Andes are undergoing climate changes that rival those occurring anywhere else on the planet, and are likely to have profound consequences for ecosystems.

Paleolimnological investigations of remote mountain lakes can provide details of past environmental change, especially where monitoring data are absent.

There seems little doubt that the Andes will be sensitive to the projected warming of the 21 century, with profound consequences on natural ecosystems and societies (Herzog et al., 2011).

As a result, it has been argued that an expansion of climate monitoring networks is needed to better understand the climate change processes that affect ecosystems and species (Rangwala and Miller, 2012; Herzog et al., 2011).

Laguna Baños was selected for investigation as it is located near the equator from a region with little information on the response of aquatic ecosystems to recent climate change.

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