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Monopods known as finnsticks are also used to steady high-power (typically, 10× or more) binoculars to permit a clear view without shake or wobble introduced by the user's hand and body movements.

With the introduction of gyroscopically stabilized binoculars, the use of stabilizing supports for binoculars have declined in recent years.

They still allow lower shutter speeds than hand holding, and are easier to carry and use than a tripod.

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Monopods used with a smartphone or camera to take selfie photographs beyond the normal reach of the arm are known as selfie sticks, and (depending on the model) may have Bluetooth connectivity.

There are two ways to attach your camera to a monopod.

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Unlike a tripod, monopods cannot support a camera independently.

In the case of still cameras, this limits the shutter speed that can be used.

This is usually used in selfies for clearer shots by ensuring that the camera is not in motion relative to the body.

With a special adapter, monopods can be used as a "chestpod", meaning that the foot rests now on the chest of the photographer.

The first is to screw the monopod's screw thread directly into the camera body.

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