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“Breanna and Joanna are happy to design custom art for all people; they simply object to being forced to pour their heart, soul, imagination, and talent into creating messages that violate their conscience.”Despite the fact that Duka and Koski willingly serve any customer regardless of their sexual orientation, and are only declining to produce custom messages endorsing events that violate their beliefs, the Arizona Court of Appeals ruled that their case was “one of a blanket refusal of service to the LGBTQ community,” so the studio’s services were not “entitled to First Amendment free speech protections.”The Supreme Court had ruled in June that the Colorado Civil Rights Commission had exhibited hostility to Phillips’ religious beliefs, but the Arizona COP ruling stated in its ruling there was no evidence to support the suggestion that the city of Phoenix in enacting ordinance “has been anything other than neutral toward and respectful of their sincerely-expressed religious beliefs.”an appeal to the Arizona Supreme Court earlier this week. city of Phoenix passed the public accommodation law in 2013.

As Quentin Boyer of adult production company Pink Visual told the : "A phone is such an intimate thing, you usually don't lend it out or have someone else use it." At least not without cleaning it first, we hope.

It's often said that the porn industry drives technical innovation, but it might be more accurate to say that it is the ultimate early adopter.

All data transiteraient via a common application, it could be both written materials pictures or videos, read continuously.

The aim is to ensure that data sharing is done in a more intuitive and fluid than by mail, all obviously being accompanied by a discussion, says the patent.

People scoffed at the idea of smut on cellphones until the i Phone made it easy to browse the web and the number of mobile porn sites took off.

And the i Pad, a device ridiculed for its lack of Adobe's Flash plug-in, has seen adult video sites rushing to re-encode their catalogs in the i Pad-friendly Quicktime format.Two Arizona calligraphy artists faced with fines and jail time for declining to take part in promoting gay “weddings” are asking the state’s Supreme Court to hear their challenge to the city of Phoenix’s law that compels them create artwork that violates their religious beliefs.Not only are the Christian women threatened jail time and fines should they refuse to create artwork celebrating gay “marriage” because of the Phoenix law, they could also be prosecuted for publishing a statement on their website explaining that their religious convictions prohibits them from doing so.“The government must allow artists to make their own decisions about which messages they will promote,” Scruggs said. Supreme Court decisions, including the Masterpiece Cakeshop ruling, and the decision against the California law requiring pro-life crisis pregnancy centers to promote abortion businesses.focus on the message because their Christian beliefs forbid them from creating “custom artwork that conveys messages condoning, supporting, or participating in activities or ideas that violate their religious beliefs,” its says.“If Joanna and Breanna politely decline to create custom artwork celebrating same-sex weddings or publish their desired statement [explaining how their religious beliefs prevent them from creating certain artwork], Phoenix will prosecute them …” the petition states.“But the [Court of Appeals] upheld this application as consistent with Arizona’s free-speech and free-exercise protections.

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