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With some regularity I get e-mails from guys (I’ve so far only received them from men) saying something to the effect of “I didn’t read the blog but I saw your picture and you are just so damn hot, let’s get it on”. So my truth is that being fat may indeed make dating harder. My options are to try something that fails 95% of the time and is most likely to leave me less healthy than I am now in the hopes of getting a mate who wouldn’t consider dating me as I am and then rolling the dice that they won’t leave me if I am one of the 95% who gains their weight back.

Or, I can hold out for someone who is interested in all of me. By way of inspiration, if you’re in an awesome relationship then today might be a great day to leave a comment and tell us about it!

A group who made being fat the first thing that they talked about on their profile, a group who made it part of the profile but not the first thing, and a third group who avoided telling people that they were fat until it became unavoidable.

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I know fat people who’ve been asked on dates as jokes.

The classic “wing-man” story is the guy who “takes one for the team” and spends the night with the fat friend.

Let’s preface this with the fact that I know plenty of thin people who struggle with dating.

I don’t think that being thin is the magic bean that grows the marriage beanstalk.

The dating site that must not be named would like you to believe that having a fat wife is a good reason to break your marriage vows.

It’s not paranoia if they’re actually after you, and so those who want to date a fat person in this culture may have to be ready to work through some of that, and those who are fat in this culture might do well to examine how it is affecting them.

Were I born in another time or place, I would be the standard of beauty.

So I think it’s important to realize that there is a nothing wrong with our bodies that a little culture shift can’t fix.

But there are some issues that happen with fat dating that I want to talk about.

As a fat woman I know that my potential partners live in a culture that tells them that no amount of achievement, education, personality, flexibility etc.

It means that when I find my future partner I’ll have a really good chance of avoiding that thing that happens when someone’s “perfect wedding body” changes as the marriage moves forward.

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