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Policy on evaluation and termination of athletic coaches. Prevention and intervention strategy re bullying and teen dating violence.

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List of schools in need of improvement; process for improving school performance.

State-wide performance management and support plan.

Confidential rapid response team re suspected abuse or neglect.

Boards to have use of funds from repayment and insurance proceeds for school materials and from payment for custodial services for use of school facilities.

Department of Education to publish certain plans, rankings and formulas.

Documentation of pupils and teachers of racial minorities and pupils eligible for free or reduced price lunches.

Boards to adopt policies addressing limitation of physical exercise.

Boards to make available for purchase nutritious and low-fat foods.

Assessments by priority school districts of need related to goal of reading success.

Development and implementation of in-service reading instruction training program by priority school districts.

Board to have use of funds from the Manville property damage settlement trust.

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