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Healthcare-acquired injuries were the most frequently occurring claims for healthcare-acquired conditions.

(Aon Corporation)Recent claims data on falls from long-term care settings may also be useful for hospitals.

After undergoing hip arthroplasty, the patient was initially evaluated as a "high" fall risk—owing to age, mobility problems, and various prescribed medications she was taking—and required prevention interventions.

During recovery, the patient attempted to get out of bed and slipped, fracturing her femur and necessitating a second surgery.

The provisions do not apply to hospitals such as critical access hospitals, cancer facilities, and children's hospitals that are exempt from IPPS.

CMS has indicated, however, that it may extend some aspects of its initiative to hospital outpatient and ambulatory surgical settings.

(CNA Health Pro)Patients and family members often perceive falls as preventable occurrences that indicate less-than-optimal quality of care.

The willingness of the public to punish facilities that do not protect patients and residents from falling is highlighted by a 2012 Virginia jury award of .5 million against a hospital.("Patient Falls") In October 2008, CMS stopped reimbursing for care resulting from injuries sustained from in-hospital falls if the fall could have been prevented during the Medicare beneficiary's stay (CMS "Medicare Program").The provisions apply to hospitals receiving Medicare payments under the Inpatient Prospective Payment System (IPPS).The patient also sustained a mild head injury that allegedly led to a stroke.Following the fall, the plaintiff sued, alleging negligence on the part of a nurse and the facility in contributing to the fall and causing significant injuries.In 2003, the court found that the nurse was performing a "professional nursing intervention" when she helped the patient in these activities and that an expert witness testifying to a breach of standard of care was required.

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