Firefox url not updating

However no matter if I drop the video quality to 160p, this same "no buffering for you" issue stays.

For example youtube videos and live streams work now without any issues, so I don't think it is like my computer just couldn't handle both loading the video and playing it in the same time.

and then the next day, start it up again, and find everything reset to normal, all styles gone. For example if I open up past broadcast and keep it paused, it will load up 30 seconds of buffer in like 1-2 seconds.

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If I download and enabled the English United States (en-US) Dictionary by Mozilla, the results are the same as with no add-on dictionaries.

If I enable BOTH of the above dictionaries, the results depend on the order in which I enable them. There is an English (US) Language Pack, which is suggested on the "add dictionary" page reached from the languages submenu, but it is not compatible with my version of Firefox, probably because I'm on a beta.

I also tried disabling my antivirus software but that did not solve the problem. I have a lot of extensions, about:config changes, and user changes that I would want to have in both my current and new profile.

Searching online "how to clone a firefox profile" and similar only seems to return guides on how to copy your profile to a new installation or computer, which is not what I want to do.

Firefox nightly on my pixel has been alerting me that it is using battery in the background, randomly opening on the crash report and the icon has a white ring around it like it has been shrunk, any help welcomed!

Seems to have happened after the update ad infinitum, anonymized, backlit, bijection, commoditization, else's, handwrite, heliocentrism, merchanting, natively, photosensor, plaintext, pre-fill, preload, prepend, resizable, scoresheet, surjection, unrequested In Firefox 62.0b9 on Mac in the US, with no add-on dictionaries, it says that all are misspelled except: anonymized, natively, plaintext, and resizable.Does anyone know if Firefox loads You Tube videos only into RAM or is it saving them temporarily on my SSD where Firefox is installed on?I'm trying to write less on my SSD at the moment to maximize the durability.I know jdownloader is great for mass downloading multiple objects from a site, but what I really miss about dta is just the one click context menu be able to right click any link, image, or video, and start downloading to a set destination, without any confirmation pop ups or asking where to save it anyone know a good addon with that feature? This issue started happening today out of nowhere, and I never changed any settings in Firefox.If I download and enabled the United States English Spellchecker, this changes.

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