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There is also a chatbot for those who are looking for opportunities and price promotions – Penny Cat, chatbot providing information about current discounts.

The implementation of the chatbot for the online shopping network, Spring, has shown Facebook’s first aspirations to become the Western response to the Asian giant We Chat.

For the first time in the history of Messenger, users have been able to shop online straight through the communicator and take into account the help that virtual assistant can provide.

So he joined the full base in one chatbot, which, depending on our current needs, will indicate the ideal location.

Starbucks tried to get us used to using its application, which was supposed to make it easier to order coffee every day, but statistics show that only 16% of customers choose to use it.

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Chatbot, otherwise bot, chatterbot, smart conversation robot, virtual advisor, assistant, or specialist is software that communicates with you in natural language.Chatterbots are programmed to simulate conversations with the computer user through analytical, recognition and speech synthesis.The synthesis method we use is called TTS (text to speech) and thus the bot is able to convert text information into an artificially generated voice signal.When you book your ticket, you can opt to receive automatic notifications on Facebook Messenger.KLM sends information about the ticket you have purchased, upcoming check-in times and even our electronic ticket.So, the functionality of small talk is most preserved.

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