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All the western pond turtles at the Sacramento Zoo play important roles as animal ambassadors at the zoo, aiding in our commitment to the species.

Western pond turtles are found in the most western of the United States.

This state is also known as 'The land of milk and honey'. California is the third largest state of United States. Most significant crop of the state is of poppy flower.

Its bordering states are Arizona and Nevada (East), Oregon (North) and it meets up the Pacific Ocean on the west. It is a medicinal plant which is generating multibillion dollar business every year for the country.

San Francisco Bay Area Webcam See the view of the Editorial Office of the Silicon Valley Blog.

On the left site you see the Skyline of San Francisco, on the right Site Oakland & Alameda.

Learn More Making a difference in Western Pond Turtle Populations Eleven western pond turtles hatched at the Sacramento Zoo in 2016.

Weighing only five to six grams at hatching, these tiny turtles have big shells to fill as they grow to their adult weight of between 60 grams (1.3 to 2.6 lbs.).

The Palace of Fine Arts is also visible in the lower right hand corner of the image.

Hollywood Boulevard Live streaming webcam overlooking the famous Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles.

The roadway is supported by 36.5 inch diameter cables - 220 feet above the San Francisco Bay.

Nearly 45 million vehicles traverse the span annually.

The agriculture sector also contributes with up to 73% of the revenues from crops and rest of the revenues is derived from livestock, dairy products, manufacturing, mining, fishing and other services.

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