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And if a book has never or rarely sold, Amazon may wait to order till it does.

In those cases, Amazon may say that your Lightning book is available in “1-2 weeks,” “2-4 weeks,” or even “1-2 months.” The estimate is nominally based on Amazon’s own records of how long it has taken books ordered from Lightning or Ingram to arrive and go on sale, but it can be skewed by Amazon’s own delays in unpacking and processing arrivals during busy times.

First, though, I’d like to report a welcome surprise: the return of listings for “1-2 day” availability.

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My sales rep tells me the standard feed is already sent out several times a day, so to fix a problem, maybe Lightning sends it in a slightly different way or with a different flag—but as I said, you can replicate it yourself.

All you need to do is make any small change to your book’s metadata—say, change a word in your book description, or even just add a nonbreaking space. Of course, if it ever failed to work on the first try, it could easily be repeated.

There’s one more availability listing that Amazon may apply to a Lightning book, and it’s the one you never want to see: “Available only from third-party sellers.” That’s when Amazon gives up selling your book and leaves it to Marketplace vendors. In the past, it seemed like nothing could be done about such a listing, short of sending the book to Create Space.

When you complained to Amazon, they referred you to your publisher or distributor—even when you were the publisher.

But unlike in the past, this status is granted to only a segment of Lightning books.

If a Lightning book is selling at all reasonably, Amazon tries to keep it in stock by ordering enough copies to meet several weeks’ demand.This triggers a resend, and within a week, Amazon is again selling your book. I’m hoping that the ease and effectiveness of this remedy will lay to rest a couple of persistent myths.One is that Amazon is intentionally discriminating against Lightning books as a way to drive small publishers to Create Space.By spreading and alternating demand between two editions on Amazon, I believe I can greatly improve the chances of at least one being in stock at any time.(I haven’t decided how or even whether to distinguish the two editions, but I might designate one the “large text” edition—especially since all my books feature large text anyway.) Again, this would only make sense for a seasonal book or another with a steep upward sales curve, since the cost for other books would be reduced sales rank.And if you contacted Lightning, they said they’d try to help, but nothing came of it.

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