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knowing that the restaurant is pretty busy all the time, but usually goes crazy on Holiday weekends, decided to order online.I use a cane to get around and know they do curbside service, so I ordered the 10 oz. I had paid in advance and so I walked in to tell them I was there and that I would wait in my car for delivery.

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after we placed our orders they started coming out of the kitchen to let us know they were out of egg rolls.

Minutes later, after some received their food, I was told they couldn’t make the California turkey club. The lady across from me ordered Chicken and Waffles.

After my bad weekend, I was not prepared for this and called back to talk to a manager.

After waiting a ridiculous amount of time, I hung up and called back.

So, because a bad situation could not be turned into a “decent” situation, maybe my suggestions could turn that manager into a “can do’ manager, if he still has a job. So, I intend to be refunded for the “unknown” meal that tasted horrible, and also a refund and my original order be given me.

Simple enough for driving some 14 miles round trip and getting the “wrong” meal, and even worse, no real manager.

In 1967, Larry Lavine attended his first chili cookoff that was sponsored by his father in law.

Lavine was so taken with the food and the fun atmosphere, he began thinking about opening a restaurant that would have a similar feeling.

I finally got a manager and told him of my health condition and that’s why I wanted the meal brought to my car.

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